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January 14, 2020 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Wally's Spot Supper Club 2020
Address: 1979 Main St. Green Bay, WI 54302


Our next meeting is coming soon, January 14th at Wally’s Spot at 1979 Main St, Green Bay.  We may try something new and attempt setting up an online portal to the meeting.  If we do this will be our first attempt.  Directions for connection will be on the Neptune’s Facebook page if it occurs.

I was recently contacted by the owner of the equipment from the old On the Rocks Scuba, from Gills Rock.  There is a large amount of “vintage equipment” she wishes to liquidate.  Most of it from the late 70’s early 80’s.  I have tentatively agreed to assist her with selling what we can.  John Touscany and I were able to view a limited amount of the old inventory.  It consists of masks, fins, snorkels, boots, gloves, and hoods, some of it new in the box, still in the plastic.  There is a large quantity of solid, belt style lead weights.  I was able to locate 26 tanks.  11 Aluminum 80’s, of the “bad” alloy, that are good for scrap or repurposing.  There are about 15 Steel tanks of unknown condition.

Meeting Agenda:

Upcoming Club banquet planning:

The Banquet is planned for February 22nd at Wally’s Spot.  Brian was able to convince John Janzen to be our presenter.  Thank you Brian and John!!

Should we use the banquet as an outlet for some of the On the Rocks Scuba inventory?

Will we be offering prizes and/or raffles?

Other ideas for creating a draw to the banquet?

Creating publicity to bring in new Members

Melissa Saunders and I are committing to put in an appearance at as many open water classroom sessions in the upcoming year as we can to promote the club, by presenting briefly who we are as a club and what value we provide to local diving.  Ideas and additional support would be helpful.

2020 Calendar of events.

Attached to this message is a tentative copy of a Neptune’s Calendar of events.  I would like to discuss any changes or additions, so we can upload to the website.


Jeremy Saunders

Neptune’s Dive Club President

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