Neptune’s Dive Club Presents:

The Discovery of the Shipwrecks Peshtigo & St. Andrew

Guest Speaker: John Janzen & Bernie Hellstrom

5-9 PM, Saturday, February 22, 2020

Wally’s Spot Supper Club, 1979 Main St., Green Bay, WI

John Janzen

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Join us for an evening as John Janzen & Bernie Hellstrom tells their stories of the discovery of the shipwrecks Peshtigo & St. Andrew 200 ft. below the surface of Lake Michigan. Believed to have both sunk in 1878, the two boats collided and sank offshore near Beaver Island. First discovered by Bernie Hellstrom of Boyne City, Michigan using side-scan, John Janzen & John Scoles were brought in to dive the site and learn what Bernie had found from his side scan.

John Janzen is a rebreather and technical diver, instructor and videographer with more than 30 years of diving experience.  He is credited with seven first descents on many of the deepest shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, including the Senator at a depth of 430 feet.

John has written for Wreck Diving and Advanced Diver Magazines, he published the Diver’s Guide to Lake Wazee and wrote the factory maintenance manual for the Inspiration rebreather.  He holds a B.S. degree in Chemistry and is a certified machinist. 

John Scoles maneuvers around the stern of the shipwreck Peshtigo.  Both the Peshtigo & St. Andrew collided and sunk in 1878 near Beaver Island in Lake Michigan.  Both wrecks sit below the surface at a depth of 200 feet.