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Paul Cater Deaton, (PCD), is a respected Writer, Producer, Director, and Cinematographer, from aerial to undersea. The scope of production of his Global Discovery Group includes TV programming, documentaries, music videos, commercials, and more. Paul is a popular public speaker and Master of Ceremonies, and is co-founder of the Reef Renaissance Film Festival. His films have screened at some of the most prestigious SCUBA film festivals in the world, and earned "Best Documentary Short" at two of them. Paul is a member of the Television Academy, and a National Fellow with The Explorers Club. Paul makes his home on the island of St. Thomas and is heading our way to celebrate our 60th Anniversary. Take a look at Paul's website at

Paul Cater Deaton

Paul Cater Deaton Photo

Don't miss this opportunity to spend the evening with a larger than life, world renowned film maker who will light up the room!

Paul's film about the Solomon Islands showcases the superb dive wrecks & reefs that are a scuba divers delight. Dive World War II ships & aircraft which litter the ocean floor, creating a haven for fish, pelagics, corals and reef creatures.

Paul will be in Green Bay shooting underwater footage for an upcoming film and footage for a short film he is premiering at Our World Underwater in Chicago the weekend of February 17-18. Join Paul and other divers -- under the ice -- during the weeks of Feb 5-9 and Feb 12-15 to be a part of this exciting project.